Welcome to Dispute Resolution Services

DRSL is a specialist dispute resolution company. It provides services and systems to solve disputes between organisations and the people they come into contact with.

Dispute resolution is an internationally-accepted alternative to solving disagreements that might otherwise end up in court. There are a variety of ways to approach disputes – mediation, facilitation and arbitration - and DRSL has the experience and the people to handle all of these areas, including the establishment of comprehensive complaint management systems.

Learning to Complain

Research suggests minority groups are under-represented as complainants. People who speak languages other than English, or are not confident readers, are less likely to use specialised complaint handling services.

A group of specialised complaint handling organisations have developed resources for teaching the language of complaint to new speakers of English. The resources are available free online.

Anyone can download the information from www.complaintline.org.nz or www.fdr.org.nz or www.tdr.org.nz. For more information also see the News and Publications page.

The DRSL video shown at the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation Awards.


Changing conflict for good. DRSL is now FairWay Resolution

DRSL is now called FairWay Resolution.
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